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That’s one way to look at it. It’s not necessarily the right way. Typically when marketing and sales efforts seem to fail to succeed, it's usually due to an inability of a businesses brand to connect to the right consumers. Interested buyers are more apt to engage with marketing if they know the and they like the brand. It’s not marketing’s fault if they don’t know ya and they don’t have a reason to find you interesting.


Can you improve the success rate? Is it possible to do what “they” say? Yes, with an articulated brand! (You knew we were going to say that, right?!). A brand is your business fingerprint. It’s how you stand out in a given industry or area. It’s how people know you. It came naturally the day your started your business. It's yours and yours alone. Others may try to copy it, but they won't succeed. They will fail because they aren't you. However, in order for any of that to work, you need to truly and deeply embrace that brand. Then it becomes all about telling interested consumers about how you’re different.

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This will sound crazy

and counterintuitive.

When times are tough, that’s when you double your marketing efforts.

Yes you read the right. NOW is the time to double, maybe triple, any marketing efforts

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People connect with brands. They buy brands, they don’t buy products. Brands connect and stick in the mind of interested buyers. That's your audience.  Sure we want to speak to everyone, but we care about the target. I tend to say it's like life. You know a lot of people, some are acquaintances, some are friends, but there's a select group that are your closest friends, you know their family, they know yours. They love what makes you, you. They get you, you get them. Most of all, they've got your back! They're there when times are tough..that's our target! That's the power of a brand.


If you get something in the mail from a close friend, you will open that before everything else, right? Your excited because you know it's going to something great and you're rarely disappointed. That's how marketing, backed by a brand that clearly speaks to the right people works.


Marketing can be expensive. No one is going to argue that, but it shouldn't be thought of as a luxury. If you need to double your marketing, it's going to expensive no matter the price, right? Yes and no. You don't have time for a lot, you've got a business to run. However, marketing is a duo act not a solo, you need to do some lifting. You need to back up what you say in your marketing. You don't lie to your friends right? Why lie to consumers?

Affordable is what you want. You have money, as long as you feel your getting something for that buck. Not a lot of buzzwords, acronyms, or jargon. You need something easy and simple that your friends (i.e.: target) will then bring to life. They'll share it with their like minded friends.


Yes, times are getting tough and consumers will be hunkering down. They will be spending less on things that aren't important. They find they really only have time for close friends. When tragedy strikes they rally everyone for you. Its a deep lasting relationship that is there in good times and bad. That's the power of a brand. The loyalty is baked right in. Brands get people talking about you! In the right way...



Times, they're getting tough. Businesses in every industry are struggling, none more so than retail businesses

They are closing at a ever increasing rapid pace. When a big box retailer closes it makes headlines, as it should. What isn’t talked about?  The number of small, privately owned businesses closing, is at a staggering pace. Unlike the big box retailers; the pain owners suffer when a small businesses closes are devastating. Owners typically will be left drowning in vast amounts of debt and possibly unemployment. It’s not an understatement to say: small businesses suffer the most during hard economic times. That may be true, but it doesn’t have to be.


This will sound crazy and counterintuitive. When times are tough, that’s when you double your marketing efforts. Yes you read the right. NOW is the time to double, maybe triple, any marketing efforts. If you don’t have a marketing effort, start one, now! It’s important. Think about it, logically, if you were to double your marketing and sales efforts, that should lead to increased sales. That in turn should lead to strong growth and repeat business. That's how we’ve been told it should work. Does it feel like it’s working? It feels like it should be right, but you “think” marketing is an expensive waste of time; always doomed to failure.



 everything you need to:

develop a brand that sticks in the minds of consumers, making you easy to remember, hard to forget.


identify and target your ideal client.


develop all the tools needed to market yourself, on-line or in person at an event.


discover which benefits resonate with your ideal clients clearly and effectively.


get a 30 second commercial you can use at any networking event.


develop an initial set of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin posts that can be modified as needed and guaranteed to get attention.

what WE



If you can't work with E. H. Howard in person at one of our clinics, then our comprehensive branding and marketing workbook is for you!  Learn how to talk about your brand more effectively and with greater clarity. Brands are how business is done in the modern world. Is your brand up to the challenge?


The same workbook we use to teach hundreds of people how to brand, is now available to everyone.

everything you need to revitalize your brand


what can




People Will Want To Be You!


A brand draws consumers to your business like moths to a flame! With that many clients, your bound to drawn impersonators, and that’s a good thing. You must be doing something right!


People Will Talk About You


Brands make networking and word of mouth easier, they're easy to share. Whether in person or on "the internets'" people talking to people about you, in the right way, is



People Will Love Ya’

(And they don’t even know ya….yet!)

Every business needs to grow and expand. To meet new people
 who need the services and benefits you offer. Brands make sharing
your experiences with others more like ____ and less like whisper
down the lane.

Of course we have the standard, and ubiquitous reasons...Thirty yrs of hands on, industry experience, affordable, flat rate pricing, long history of happy clients, well versed in DC silver age comic lore...the list goes on and on. We've got all that but that's not what makes us us.


What you get from working with us is how we see the world. Like true creatives, through brand colored glasses (seriously, we do...they're on now, check instagram). Brands infuse everything we do.


Our core belief is that brands are stories, stories about your business boiled down to an easily recalled idea and image. Marketing is then telling those stories in unique ways to people you don't know yet. Successful brands tell genuine stories that are easily and consistently repeatable while resonating with consumers. Using that definition, can anyone and anything can be a brand? Yes, they can and they should think of themselves as one.


Every client we work with sees themselves as a brand. Where we come in is to work with them to see the possibilities inherent in their own brand. Sometimes for the first time, sometimes like seeing an old friend again for the first time in a long time. We show them how their brands give their marketing faster recognition with consumers. Brands connect because they are easy to share and explain. Brands mean business. It's becoming a fact, you won't survive as a small business, unless you start thinking of yourself as a brand.


That's what makes us different


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with us

The question we get asked most often is: "why should I work with you?"  Typically, it's phrased more along the lines of something like: "what's so special about you?" but thankfully we're not easily offended. It did take us awhile, though, but eventually we deciphered that to mean: "...what benefits does my business get from doing business with the Design Office? What's the ROI?" It's what everyone wants to know. It's why you're here reading this. Right? Inquiring minds...

We get asked a lot of odd questions....